Endodontic Retreatment

This is a repeat treatment of a tooth that has already undergone a root canal treatment because it may not  have healed as expected.  A typical sign for retreatment are recurring symptoms of toothache and sensitivities, and decay or infection.

There may be several reasons for the failure of the initial endodontic procedure, but mainly :

  • Due to narrow , curved or complicated canal anatomy that could not be detected or completely treated initially
  • Some delay in restoration process after the endodontic procedure that may have caused a contamination at the site.
  • A new decay that leads to new infection
  • A cracked crown or filling that exposes the tooth to new infection
  • A fractured tooth

Once it is determined a retreatment is necessary, the tooth is reopened, filling removed, and the root canal is thoroughly checked for additional anatomical complications or infections. The infection is removed, tooth cleaned, canal reshaped and new fillings added, topped with a new crown or other restoration on the saved tooth.